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Why you should laminate your kitchen cabinets

Why you should laminate your kitchen cabinets

Damage on windows may be easily overlooked but for security and safety reasons, it is important to address the problem and get them repaired. It is more challenging to repair and dangerous if the damaged window is from a high-rise building. But that does not mean it is impossible to replace. Consider looking into architectural glass replacement services in Singapore for your replacements. To understand how it may have happened, here are three reasons why your window panels can get damaged or cracked: 

Weather and Climate

  • Windows are the frontline of the building which are expected to stand under the hot sun, heavy storm rain, huge wind and so on. However, seasonal temperatures difference and changes will wear away the durability of glass and window. Humidity can also cause the window casement to deteriorate lead to cracking and breaking window panes of the building.

Physical Impacts

  • Window glasses are able to withstand light physical impacts but not heavy physical impacts from flying objects such as balls, stones and even birds. With enough impact, it can cause the glass to shatter or at least crack. 

Window Age

  • Lastly, even the most well-maintained window glass will still eventually appear the signs of wear and tear due to age. Different types of window glasses have different lifespans. After the window glass had reached its’ period of lifespan, all its components will begin to deteriorate. Even though the window glasses might never been hit or damaged, it will still crack due to contraction and expansion from surrounding buildings.

There are few types of windows that are in high-rise buildings such as:

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